Large format print

Scrim Vinyl

Physical Properties
  • Thickness : 400(+/-5) (μm)or 15(mil) 

  • Colour : Whiteness >120 (CIE)

  • Gloss ( 20° Gardner ) : 30

  • Opacity : >85 

  • Basis Weight : 440g/sm

compatible ink

Water based dye and pigment/inkjet

compatible printer

This media is compatible with most thermal and piezo printer. Calibrate colors on media for best print result.

Processing Tips
  • Ink lay down not to exceed 250%.

  • For optimum results, use process black as opposed to composite black

  • Printer should be set for the highest print quality, and media selection should be “heavy coated”

  • Color Profile: For more exacting color, it is recommended to develop custom profiles for a given ink/media/ printer combination

  • Width : 914 / 1070 / 1270 / 1520 mm

  • Length : 20 m/R ( 0 splice )

  • It has scratch- and waterproof matte coating, and a tear-resistant

  • polyester fabric that is sandwiched between two layers of white vinyl. This universal product is compatible with thermal and piezo inkjet printers,dye or pigment inks.

  • Durable and economical vinyl promotes vibrant colors

  • Dye and pigment ink compatible

  • Tear-resistant

  • Waterproof matte finish with minimum glare

  • Can be sewn and grommeted

  • Economic cost advantage

  • A universal product for both indoor and

  • outdoor use


Pressure-sensitive vinyl laminates with UV inhibitors can be applied to increase fade and abrasion resistance. Grommets should be placed in multiple layers in the hemline. Reinforce corners are also recommended to increase durability. Banner tape can be used.


Store unused media in its original packaging. Before use, allow media to acclimate to the environment. Allow media to dry thoroughly before any secondary operations. Do not allow the printed surface to come in

contact with itself.

Optimal Service Printing Environment
  • Temperature 60-80° F (15-26° C)

  • Relative humidity 50%

Health & Safety

Waste not suitable for recycling

Storage Condition
  • Temperature 65-75° F (18-24° C)

  • Relative humidity 40-60%

Shelf Life1 year from ship date