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Metallic Photo  Paper represents a breakthrough for inkjet photo papers. This paper enables you to create stunning prints that previously could be output only in a darkroom. The metallic, high-gloss surface on this 10-mil, 255g photo paper results in prints that are sharp, vibrant, and exceptionally rich-looking. This paper provides the perfect way to make portraits, commercial display prints, and competition prints that stand out from the others.


  • Metallic photographs have this name because they almost look like they were printed on a sheet of metal.  A metallic finish has a very high gloss, and the colors appear to be quite intense, but in a pleasant way.  A metallic finish can provide a vibrant "pop" to images, making it a truly unique keepsake.

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Minimum custom size is 1m x 1m. Please email for a quote if your requirement is smaller than the minimum size.





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